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UFind: Home

An introduction to the UFind and I-Share catalogs including searching tips.


UFind is the library's catalog "resource discovery portal" that runs as an open source search engine. 

Whether searching theUFind or I-Share catalog, this new catalog interface is designed to enable users to search and browse through most of the library's resources. 

Some Noted Features

  • One interface to search multiple collections
  • Facet results by performing search then refining allows the user to search from a basic search box and then narrow down the results by clicking on the various facets of the results.
  • Multiple categories for refining search such as format, author, topic, subject, genre, era, language and region
  • Ability to tag the public record by adding a term(s)
  • Ability to save, organize and retrieve Favorites
  • Texting/emailing records/results
  • Can add comments to a record
  • RSS feeds for live updates
  • Author biographies possible from Wikipedia
  • Reviews available from Google Books or Syndetics
  • Link out to book covers from Google Books
  • When viewing a record, the user will be offered suggestions of resources that include Similar Items include "More Like This" 
  • Persistent URLS are bookmarkable to allow permanent access to a page once on and can also be embedded in documents
  • Records are sorted by relevance, date, author, or title
  • APA and MLA citation management formats
  • Automatic spelling suggestions