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RefWorks: Write-N-Cite

A step-by-step guide to using RefWorks.

Installing Write-N-Cite Tutorial

Watch this 2+ minute tutorial which will enable you to install Write-N-Cite when using Word 2007 or newer.  When asked for your Group Code enter: RWSIUE along with your RefWorks username and password.

Inserting Citations & Creating Bibliographies Tutorial

Once Write-N-Cite is installed, watch this 4+ minute tutorial which will enable you to insert citations and create bibliographies when using Word 2007 or newer. When asked for your Group Code enter: RWSIUE along with your RefWorks username and password.

Using Write-N-Cite

Write-N-Cite is a tool that can be used when writing a paper to embed footnotes or a bibliography into a MSWord document. It can only be used with Word 2003 for Windows 2000+ and for Word for Mac 98 or later.

Download Write-N-Cite from RefWorks by:

  1. Selecting Tools
  2. Then Write-N-Cite
  3. If the system ask for a RefWorks Group Code, enter RWSIUE.

To Use Write-N-Cite:

  1. Access Write-N-Cite by clicking the Add-Ins tab button on your Word toolbar and then right click on Write-N-Cite to add it to the Word Quick Access toolbar (top left corner).
  2. Login to Write-N-Cite using your RefWorks username and password
  3. Click the box next to Always On Top to keep the Write-N-Cite window on top of all other windows
  4. In the word processor, click the point in your paper where you want the reference inserted.
  5. Switch to Write-N-Cite and click the Cite link next to the correct reference
  6. Write-N-Cite automatically inserts opening and closing curly brackets {} as well as the RefID, Author Name and Year into your Word document
  7. To edit the citation, with your cursor on the inserted citation, switch to your Write-N-Cite window and click the Edit Citations
  8. Click Save to Word. A preview citation option is available.
  9. When you have finished writing your paper, generate the final formatted version, click Bibliography in the Write-N-Cite window
  10. Select the correct Output Style
  11. Select Create Bibliography
  12. The program creates the formatted paper as a new Word document with the file name preceded by the word Final." For example, a document named Music Downloading.doc would be formatted with the name Final-Music Downloading.doc.
  13. If you need to make changes to your paper, edit the original document Music Downloading.doc and re-create the formatted document by re-running the bibliography process.