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RefWorks: Manually Exporting Citations to RefWorks

A step-by-step guide to using RefWorks.

Manually Exporting Citations to RefWorks

Databases that require manual exportation of citations such as AccessScience, Agricola, AnthroSource, Chronicle of Higher Education, Clinical Pharmacology, Grove Art Online, Lexi-Comp ONLINE, MathSciNet, PubMed, SAGE Journals Online, Sage Knowledge, Standard and Poor's NetAdvantage and many others should use the following guidelines for exporting citations to RefWorks.


If you do not already have a RefWorks account, click Sign up for an individual account and follow the steps.

1. If there is not a direct import option. References will have to be entered manually. Log on to RefWorks from Lovejoy Library’s website. From the Research Help box, select RefWorks Information and then select Log into RefWorks.


2. When prompted to log into RefWorks, enter your

  1. Login ID
  2. Password
  3. Click Login

3. At the top of the page, hover over the Reference tab and then select Add New.

4. Choose the Citation Style you would like to use. If you’re not sure select MLA 7th Edition.

5. Choose Reference Type.

6. Then fill in the required fields.

7. Choose the folder.

8. Then you may attach anything that may belong to that source, by selecting Choose File and selecting that file.

9. If you choose, you may fill out the additional fields listed by dropping down the Additional Fields arrow.

10. Then you can either Save Reference, or Save and Add New.

11. The reference can be viewed by:

  1. Viewing the folder the reference was saved in.
  2. Viewing the References Not In Folder option in Folders.
  3. Viewing the All References from the drop down menu under View.