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RefWorks: From A Website

A step-by-step guide to using RefWorks.


If there is no direct import option. Logon to RefWorks from the Library’s homepage and select Research Help, then Select RefWorks.



Select Log into RefWorks.


1. When prompted to log into RefWorks, enter your

  1. Login ID.
  2. Password.
  3. Click Login.

2. Once logged in to RefWorks, select New Reference.

3. Select the appropriate citation style from the drop down menu. If uncertain, select MLA 7th edition.

4. Specify a folder (if any) where the entry will be placed.

5. In the Ref Type field select Web page from the drop down menu.

6. Complete all the citation information in the appropriate fields.

7. Click Save Reference.

9. If saved properly, the message "This reference has been saved" will appear on the bottom right corner in a green "Complete" box.

10. The reference can be viewed in Full View, Standard View or One line/Cite View using the drop down menu in the folder the reference was saved.