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Featured App

BlueFire Reader

This eBook reader app allows you to read ePub files and PDFs. For example, use it to read library eBooks from EBL, Gale Virtual Reference Library, and ENGnetBASE.

Read eBooks

Read Saved Web Pages


Save web pages, videos, articles or other content that interests you to read later (formerly known as Read It Later).



"A simple tool for saving web pages to read later on your iPhone, iPad, Android, computer, or Kindle."



Read RSS Feeds


"Feedly is a news reader for creative minds, a simple and elegant way to read and share the content of your favorite sites." For Android and iOS.



      Reeder 2

RSS reader client for iPhone and iPad. Star items to view later. $4.99.



Read News & Social Media


"Your personalized social magazine." For Android and iOS.



"Pulse takes your favorite websites and transforms them into a colorful and interactive mosaic." For iPhone, iPad, and Android.