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Beekeeping (Apiculture): Colony Collaspe Disorder

EPA Pollinator Protection: Colony Collapse Disorder

United States Department of Agriculture Library

ARS Honey Bee Health and Colony Collapse Disorder:

"The Agricultural Research Service (ARS), USDA's in-house scientific research agency, is striving to enhance overall honey bee health and improve bee management practices by studying honey bee diseases and parasites and how best to control them, as well as basic honey bee biology and genetics. ARS scientists also are working on projects as diverse as studying the biological interaction of simultaneous exposure to sublethal amounts of pesticides and infection by nosema fungi to long-term storage of honey bee semen to preserve genetic resources. In addition, ARS researchers are cooperating with other Federal agencies and State departments of agriculture, universities, and private companies in a variety of projects to improve honey bee health."

2007 Colony Collaspe Disorder Plan

USDA Agricultural Research Services: Annual Reports of CCD Research Progress

These reports were created to describe the research progress on Honey Bee Colony Collapse Disorder for their corresponding year:

2012 CCD Progress Report

2011 CCD Progress Report

2010 CCD Progress Report

2009 CCD Progress Report

2007-2008 CCD Progress Report