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Welcome to the Business Library Resource Page

The different tabs and links will guide you to different resources and guides to assist you in doing research in the various parts of your business school curriculum.

Use the links below or the tabs above to navigate through these pages:

  • Find ArticleSearch for journal/magazine articles by topic or citation
  • Find Books:  Locate business books and eBooks
  • Topics in BusinessSearch databases, websites, and other resources in the different areas of Business and Economics.
  • Cite Sources:  Learn how to credit your sources
  • Class Guides:  Find resources for your specific course/class assignments
  • For Faculty:  See services available for faculty

Wall Street--Heart of American Business

Wall Street

"And then both enterprises and individuals will have to learn what information they need and how to get it. THEY  WILL HAVE TO LEARN TO ORGANIZE INFORMATION AS THEIR KEY RESOURCE."
(Peter Drucker, Management Challenges for the 21st Century)

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