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Scholarly Communication: Faculty Role

Information of scholarly communication that may be of intererst to the SIUE community

What Can Faculty Do?

Faculty Role

Faculty have a great deal of influence in the production and distribution of scholarly information, both in their decisions as authors and consumers of information and in the production of scholarly information on editorial boards. Faculty can also encourage the use of Open Access resources.

Author's Role

One of the best ways to influence the scholarly communication process is to retain as much control over personal publications as possible. This relates to both the retention of copyright as well as selecting where to publish research results. The Author's Rghts page deal with retaining rights and amending licensing agreements. The Journal Inflation page and the Journal Cost and Value Information page can assist in selecting the right journal.

Editorial Role

Facuty who serve on editorial boards of journals, scholarly organizations and publishing companies can use their influence to effect changes in the scholarly communication system.


Faculty can also support scholarly communication initiatives and raise the visibility of their scholarship by participating in university or subject-based repositories.




Institutional and Subject Repositories

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Federal Mandates

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