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STEM Education: Lesson Plans

Evaluating Lesson Plans

Use these Selection Criteria Guidelines provided by the Educator's Reference Desk to evaluate lesson plans:

Educational Objectives
Teaching Strategies
Stereotyping, Bias, & Social Inequity
Suitability of Materials for Learners

Subject-specific Websites for Lesson Plans

The following is just a small sampling of websites available for subject-specific lesson plans:

STEM Resource Center

The STEM Resource Center, located in Room SL0212A (Basement of the Science Building), has many curriculum resources that provide lesson plan ideas. These include:

  • FOSS (Full Option Science System) Kits
  • Agriscience Curriculum Kits
  • National Science Teacher's Association Journals (pre-K through college)
  • Texts and trade books (pre-K through college)

In addition, you may check out equipment and other materials, including microscope sets, water cycle models, rock and mineral kits, safety goggles, games, and more.

For more information on curriculum materials at the STEM Resource Center, contact Dawn Olive at 618.650.2149.

General Websites for Lesson Plans