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Maps: Cool Maps in Lovejoy

Important Series

  • CIA maps, SIUE Map Collection, F10 on the Map Library map
  • Census maps, e.g.
  • Topographic maps
    • SIUE Map Collection, A1-C2 on the Map Library map 
    • USGS Topos
    • This publication might be a good place to start reading about USGS topos. Maps for America : cartographic products of the U.S. Geological Survey and others. SIUE Map Collection GA405 .T46 1988 (catalog record)
  • Soil survey maps
  • Geologic Atlas of the United States.
    • SIUE Map Collection, H1 on the Map Library map. Use the guide in the top drawer to find a geographical area of interest.
    • Online from Texas A&M

National and International


  • Census atlases, e.g.
  • Newsmaps from the U.S. War Department
    • SIUE holds many of these maps. To reduce wear and tear on these fragile Newsmaps, please use the guide and the University of North Texas site below to find Newsmaps of interest. Minimize handling the Newsmaps and handle them with extreme care.
    • World War Two Newsmaps from University of North Texas.
  • Maps produced by the Sanborn Map Company
    • Edwardsville, including Glen Carbon and LeClaire, Madison County, Illinois, Jan. 1930.
      SIUE Map Collection G4104.E43 1930 .S3 (catalog record).
    • We have some other maps not yet processed that we can make available to you on request.
    • Sanborn Maps of Illinois.
  • Flood maps

State, Regional, and Local

  • Lewis and Clark maps
    • Lewis and Clark: a legacy of science,
      SIUE Map Collection G4127.L4 2003 L49 (catalog record)
    • Lewis and Clark: a legacy of science
    • A map of part of the continent of North America: from longitude 89 W. of Washington City to the Pacific and between latitude 35 and 52 North : compiled from the information of the best informed travellers through that quarter of the globe in which the Missouri Jefferson’s Lewis’s & the upper part of Clark’s river and the lower part of the Columbia river is partially corrected by celestial observations from the junction of the Missouri and Mississippi to the entrance of the Columbia into the Pacific Ocean ... : shewing Lewis & Clark’s rout over the Rocky Mountains in 1805 on their rout to the Pacific from the United States / by William Clark.
      SIUE Map Collection G4127.L4 2004 C5 (catalog record)
    • Lewis and Clark trail maps, a cartographic reconstruction,
      SIUE Map Collection Noncirculating G1422.L4 P5 2000. (catalog record)
  • An Atlas of Early Maps of the American Midwest, compiled by W. Raymond Wood.
    SIUE Map Collection Q11 .I352 vol.18 1983 (catalog record)
  • Redline maps
    • The history and provenance of this map are unknown. However, its theme appears to be similar to that of redline maps. [Housing segregation in Chicago]. SIUE Map Collection G4104.C6E73 1941a H6 (catalog record)
    • Redlining in Philadelphia.
  • Map atlas of upper Illinois River from the Illinois Division of Waterways.
    SIUE Map Collection G1407.I4 M3 1971 (catalog record)
  • This atlas provides a wonderful overview of historical maps available for the Edwardsville area: Historical atlas of the River Bend area Illinois 1819-1974 / prepared for River Bend Civic Progress by Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville.
    SIUE Map Collection G4102.I44 S72 1981 (catalog record)
  • Traffic maps. For example, 
    • Traffic Map [...] of St Clair County, East St Louis and Vicinity. SIUE Map Collection G4104 E175 .P21 1959
    • Traffic Map East St. Louis, Illinois. SIUE Map Collection G4104 E175 P21 1955
  • Map of East St. Louis, Ill. SIUE Map Collection G4104 E175 1899 E4
  • Official Railroad Map of Illinois. In Atlas of the State of Illinois, 1876, pg. 7.
  • Coal maps
  • County atlases, for instance,
    • Illustrated encyclopedia and atlas map of Madison County, Ill. : Carefully compiled from personal examinations and surveys.
      SIUE Map Collection Noncirculating G1408.M2 B7 (catalog record)
    • Standard Atlas of Montgomery County, Illinois, George A. Ogle & Company.
      SIUE Map Collection G1408.M7 O4 (catalog record)
  • Madison County, Illinois official plat book 1989.
    SIUE Map Collection G1408.M4 M3 1989 (catalog record)

Maps in the Serial Set and American State Papers

Rare Maps in the Map Collection

We have a number of rare maps in the Map Collection. These maps are in locked drawers but can be viewed by making an appointment with Barbara Levergood or another Lovejoy Library employee. These maps do not circulate.

  • Forestry Maps from 1883 (C5 on the Map Library map, Case 49, Drawer 5)
  • Campaign Maps of Civil War (C5 on the Map Library map, Case 50, Drawer 5)
  • Xeroxed copies of Nelson Company plant maps, 1876-1910 (C5 on the Map Library map, Case 51, Drawer 5)
  • "Map of the Harbor of St. Louis", 1837 (C5 on the Map Library map, Case 51, Drawer 5)
  • 1931 plat map of St. Clair County, Illinois, G4103 S2 G4 1931 (C5 on the Map Library map, Case 51, Drawer 5)

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