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Finding the Key Firms or Competitors in an Industry

The key competitors or major firms in a particular industry can be located in several ways.  Just about any of the Business Directory databases will list key firms/competitors when a particular firm is searched.  Such databases would include Mergent Intellect (essentially Dun & Bradstreet Hoover's profiles), Mergent OnlineLexisNexis Company Dossier, ReferenceUSA and Standard & Poor's NetAdvantage.  In addition, comparative market share or ranking information is often provided in these profiles and lists.

Within Standard & Poor's NetAdvantage, in addition to the competitor lists provided under each company profile, there are more detailed analyses within the "Industry Surveys" part of this database.  A search under the "Industries" tab provides analyses of 50 different industry segments.  These well-known and respected reports, revised every 6-9 months, contain both descriptive comparisons of major industry players and also statistical rankings by various financial rations (eps, net income, etc.).

Finally, one can also look in such a print source as Market Share Reporter (Ready Ref. HF 5410 .M35) for corporate competitor information.