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Nursing 472: Permalinks

What's a permalink?

A permalink is a permanent, stable link to an item within a database.  This is not the same as a URL or web address. 

Because we pay for access to databases, vendors use these links and other security to make sure only authorized users are accessing university resources.  If you take the web address from the database, the page will expire and the link will no longer work after a short period of time. 

Instead, you can use the permalink or the digital object identifier (doi) to provide long-term access to articles.

Who doesn't use permalinks?

There are many free resources that do not require the use of permalinks.  Some of these resources include:

  • PubMed
  • National Guideline Clearinghouse
  • ERIC (education)
  • PEDro (physiotherapy)

For these sites, you can include the web address or URL for each individual article instead of using a permalink.

CINAHL permalinks

To permalink to a search:

search permalink

To permalink to an article:

article permalink

Other databases

For many other databases, permalinks are not always available. 

For Ovid databases (Medline, Evidence-Based Medical Reviews, Joanna Briggs Institute): 

  •       check if article is also listed in CINAHL or PubMed and use the permalink (CINAHL) or URL (PubMed)
  •       use "Email Jumpstart" feature if available in Ovid
  •       include the PDF of your article if no link is available.