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A guide to finding back-issues of newspapers.

Historical Newspapers Online

National Newspapers in Lovejoy Library

  • African American Newspapers on Microfilm

Lovejoy Library has many African American Newspapers on microfilm.  A list of available titles and dates is available in the Microforms Department, 2nd floor.Go to the Microforms Department, 2nd floor. 

  • National Newspapers on Microfilm

·  Chicago Tribune   1969 - 2007 (Oct. 8)

· Christian Science Monitor   1966 - 2001

· St. Louis Post   1930 - 2007 (Jul 31)

· Times (London)   1977 - 2001

· USA Today    1979 - 2001

· Wall Street Journal   1889 - 2007

· Washington Post 1974 - 2001


   Print indexes for major national newspaper on microfilm:

Chicago Tribune (1972-1997) Ref AI 21.C45C47

Christian Science Monitor (1980-1997) Ref AI 21.C462B446

St. Louis Post (1987-1997) Ref AI 21.S79B45

Times (London) (1988-2001) Ref AI 21.T46

USA Today (1988-2001) Ref AI 21.U8B45

Wall Street Journal (1980-2000) Ref HG 1.W26

Washington Post (1971-1997) Ref AI 21.W33O51



Local Newspapers


The best source for a local newspaper is the community’s public library or the newspaper’s office. Typically, newspapers for smaller communities do not have published indexes; however, public librarians occasionally index the local newspaper to a limited degree, e.g., by name or major events.

Another good source for local newspapers is the Illinois Newspaper Project (INP). This project is part of the U. S. Newspaper Program, which endeavors to find and preserve local newspapers on microfilm. The INP database is searchable by state, county, or city of publication; newspaper title; and.or year. Microfilmed newspapers from the Illinois Newspaper Project may be borrowed via interlibrary loan (ILLiad).


Local Newspapers in Lovejoy Library

Lovejoy Library’s microfilmed newspapers are shelved in the Microforms Dept., 2nd floor. Microforms Department staff can you assist with using our reader/printer or scanner to view and copy articles from the microfilm. The cost to print is 10 cents per page. There is no charge to scan and email documents.

Alton, Ill.

  • The Telegraph
    • 1986-2003 - microfilm
    • 2004- present (print)
      • Current 2 weeks in Circulation/Reserves, 1st floor
      • Older than two weeks – Journal Collection, 2nd floor

  • Alton Telegraph 1972-1986 (microfilm)
  • Alton Telegraph 1836-1841 (microfilm)
  • Alton Evening Telegraph 1936-1937; 1969-1972 (microfilm)
  • Alton Weekly Telegraph 1866-1868, some volumes incomplete (microfilm)
  • Alton Daily Telegraph 1868 (microfilm)
  • Alton Weekly Courier 1852/53-1858/59, some volumes incomplete (microfilm)
  • Daily Alton Telegraph 1853-1854/55, some volumes incomplete (microfilm)
  • Alton Telegraph and Democratic Review 1841-1850 (microfilm)

Belleville, Ill.

  • Belleville News-Democrat
    • Current 2 weeks (print) – Circulation/Reserves, 1st floor
    • 2002-2003 (print) Journal Collection, 2nd floor

  • News-Democrat 1974-1981 (microfilm)

East Saint Louis, Ill.

  • Crusader 1965-1978 (microfilm)
  • East St. Louis Monitor 1956-1975 (microfilm)
  • East St. Louis Herald 1878-1880 (microfilm)
  • East St. Louis Gazette 1866-1891; 1900-1913 (microfilm)
  • Sunday Herald 1865/66, some volumes incomplete (microfilm)

Edwardsville, Ill.

  • Edwardsville Intelligencer
    • Current 2 weeks (print) Circulation/Reserves, 1st floor
    • 2005-January 2008 (print) Journal Collection, 2nd floor
    • 1970-2001 (microfilm)

  • Edwardsville Spectator 1819-1826 (microfilm)

Granite City, Ill.

  • Granite City Herald 1906 Labor Day supplement (microfilm)

St. Louis, Mo.

  • St. Louis Post-Dispatch
    • 1992-current (online, Newsstand database)
    • Current 2 weeks (print): Circulation/Reserves, 1st floor
    • 2008 (print, more than 2 weeks old) Journal Collection, 2nd floor
    • 1930-August 8, 2007 (microfilm)

  • St. Louis Daily Press 1978-1879 (microfilm)
  • St. Louis News 1978 (microfilm)
  • St. Louis Times 1978-1979 (microfilm)
  • St. Louis Palladium 1903-1907 (microfilm)

Indexes for St. Louis newspapers:

  • St. Louis Post Dispatch Index
    • 1987-1997 (print): Reference Collection AI21.S79B45
    • Online: Newsstand database, 1992-present

  • Index to St. Louis Newspapers (Argus, Globe-Democrat, Post-Dispatch; St. Louis Sentinel)
    • 1976-1979 (print): Reference Collection AI3.I64


Identify Newspapers by Location

Guides to Newspapers

Print Bibliographies

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  • African-American Newspapers and Periodicals: A National Bibliography (Ref Z6944.N39A371998)
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  • Untapped Sources: America's Newspaper Archives and Histories (Ref PN4855.V31991)