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Lovejoy Library MakerLab: Equipment and Tools

Lovejoy Library MakerLab


The Lovejoy Library MakerLab is a makerspace for SIUE students to further develop their creative skills in a physical realm.  Students have access to a variety of equipment and tools enabling them to design and produce projects for personal or academic use.  A vinyl cutter, a programmable embroidery sewing machine and a 3D printer are just a few of the resources provided in the MakerLab.  Additional items are listed on this page.


How It Works

SIUE students may reserve times for equipment use during the open hours of the MakerLab.  Reservations are necessary in order to maintain a safe environment in the MakerLab and allow students access to MakerLab resources.  If this is your first time working with the MakerLab equipment and tools you will be asked to sign a Safety Procedures and Agreement form and someone from the MakerLab will assist you with the appropriate use of the equipment/tools you reserved for use.  The MakerLab can provide some materials, but if there are specific materials you desire for your project, you must provide them.

For more information regarding the equipment and tools available for use in the MakerLab, please select the specified tabs on the right.

To read and sign the Safety Procedures and Agreement online form, please go to this link: MakerLab Safety Procedures and Agreement form.

To reserve a time to use the equipment/tools please go to the Reservation Page.

MakerLab Exhibit of Videos and Images

MakerLab Hours

The MakerLab


open for reservations

Monday - Thursday

from 10 am - 4 pm

*      *      *


from 10 am - 2 pm

Go to Reservation Page


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