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Researching at Lovejoy Library: Starting Your Research

Search Everything @ SIUE: The Basics

Starting Your Research

There are several steps to consider when starting your research. Below are some tips about searching in the library and finding a topic that you will enjoy researching.

First Steps

Choosing your topic

When choosing your research topic, brainstorm some ideas about something that you may have an interest in. You can even do some quick Google searches to gather background information about a couple of topics. Try to choose a research topic that you want to know more about.


Identifying the scope

Once you've chosen a research interest to develop, consider alternative viewpoints about you topic. Try using a website like CQ Researcher to gain multiple perspectives on your topic. 


Research Questions

When developing your research question, try to identify a specific area of your topic that you want to learn more about. Perhaps there is a gap in the research that makes you ask more questions. You may need to broaden or narrow your question depending upon how much information is out there about your specific topic.