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RSS Feeds for Research: Other Ways to Use RSS in Education

This guide provides an introduction to the use of RSS feeds for scholarly research as well as steps on creating RSS feeds in popular library databases.

RSS in Blackboard

Embed subject specific RSS feeds in your Blackboard course. This allows students to stay current on class topics.

For more information on embedding RSS feeds in Blackboard, contact Matt Schmitz, Instructional Design and Blackboard Specialist at or 618-650-5315.

RSS for Blogs

Stay up to date by subscribing to blogs about your areas of interest. Have students subscribe to subject-specific blogs that may enhance course content and learning.

RSS for Professional Publications and Websites

Stay current on news in your profession by suscribing to websites and publications via RSS feeds.

The Chronicle of Higher Education: RSS Feeds

News feeds from various Chroncile columns, including Daily News, the Wired Campus and Brainstorm.

Educause: Educause Quarterly RSS Feed

Educause "a nonprofit association whose mission is to advance higher education by promoting the intelligent use of information technology"

New York Times: RSS Feeds