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Government Statistics: Find Illinois Statistics

Illinois State Agencies having Statistical Programs

Illinois Statistical Compendia

  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. College of Commerce and Business Administration. Bureau of Economic and Business Research. Illinois statistical abstract. SIUE Book Collection HC107.I3 I65. 1989-2001 (some years missing)
  • State of Illinois. Board of Higher Education. Data Book on Illinois Higher Education.
  • State of Illinois. Illinois Department of Public Health. Health Statistics. "The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) collects and evaluates thousands of health statistics to measure progress toward state and national health objectives. These numbers also provide the basis for developing and implementing public health strategies for disease prevention and health promotion. This site provides just some of the statistics gathered by IDPH."
    • IPLAN Data System "provides access to essential public health data for assessment and planning purposes. The available data are collected from many different sources. Data are generally provided at the county level and, in some cases, at the community level. The system further identifies associated populations by age, race, ethnicity and gender for selected indicators."
  • State of Illinois. Illinois General Assembly. Legislative Research Unit. County Data Book "This reference collects in one place the major demographic, economic, and political statistics for each county."
  • State of Illinois. Illinois State Board of Education. Annual Statistical Report of the Illinois State Board of Education
  • NIU Center for Governmental Studies and Illinois Department of Commerce and Community Affairs. "the northern illinois business and industry data center"

Gateways and Guides to Illinois Statistics