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Sociology 304 - Statistical Data Hunt: Income

Spring 2011, Erin Murphy

Get Data Using American Community Survey

To get data...

  1. Go to the legacy American FactFinder.
  2. Choose American Community Survey / Get data.
  3. Use 2005-2009 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates.
  4. Choose Detailed Tables to the right under Select from the following. Accept the defaults under Select Geography (i.e. Nation, United States). Seriously consider using tables B20017ff. You can easily find these tables by searching for one of the terms in the description on the by keyword tab.
    B19001ff, Household Income
    B19013ff, Median Household Income
    B19025ff, Aggregate Household Income
    B19101ff, Family Income
    B19113ff, Median Family Income
    B19301ff, Per Capita Income
    B20017 through B20017I, Median Earnings [...] By Sex [...] For The Population 16 Years And Over With Earnings In The Past 12 Months (your best option)

You may need to know what the difference is among household income, family income, and per capita income or between income and earnings. Use the American FactFinder Glossary to find out.

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