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Searching Tips for Empirical Research Articles

Here are some tips for searching for empirical research articles in ERIC.

  • Click on Advanced Search, go to the box marked Documents and click on Journals.
  • Click on the button for Peer Reviewed Articles.
  • If you need to limit the Publication Date there is a box on this page that will allow that.
  • Start searching for relevant article using search boxes. The Searching ERIC using EBSCO  guide can help.
  • Once you have determined some good search terms for your topic, type in the word research in the empty box.
  • Read the abstract to determine if any of your articles are empirical research articles.
  • Empirical research articles can be qualitative or quantitative but they must contain original data that the authors collected.
  • If you can access the full text article look for subheadings, methods and Results.