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A guide to eBook platforms at SIUE, terms of use, and connecting with different devices and systems

Library eBooks

SIUE Library and Information Services provides a rapidly growing collection of eBooks covering all subjects. Sometimes that variety and pace of change can make things a little complicated. If you're wondering how to get books on your eReader, where you can go to find eBooks, or if you can use our eBooks offline, you're in the right place.


Where can I find the library's eBooks?

There are several ways to find ebooks. The Finding eBooks section of this guide can help find eBooks. 

Can I get the library's eBooks on my Kindle/Nook/iPad?

This can get a little complicated, so the answer is "Maybe." Different eReaders and eBook providers use different file formats.

Why can't I access one of the library's eBooks?

Some of our eBooks limit the number of people who can use them at any time (similar to checking out a paper book). Many books in ebrary, for example, can only be read by one person at a time. 

Do I have to be online to read an eBook?

In some cases, yes. Some publishers, like Springer, offer ebooks and chapters on a PDF that you can download just like a journal article. Some, like eBook Central, provide offline access with Adobe Digital Editions. Others may require you to read online. 

eBook Benefits


Multiple simultaneous users

Accessibility (screen readers, font size, etc.)

Linked citations and notes

Easy access from BlackBoard

Easy updates

24 hour access

Ability to copy and paste quotes

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