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Your Research Impact: Home

Lovejoy Library resources and information to measure and broaden one's research impact.

Why Your Impact Matters

Your research impact refers to how much your scholarly work has influenced your field. This guide will show you how to measure your research impact and how to broaden it. You may want to do so for the following purposes:

  • preparing tenure and promotion dossiers
  • tracking the performance of one article
  • selecting a journal for your publication 
  • understanding one’s place in the field
  • explaining expertise for funding opportunities 
  • promoting your research
  • identifying and connecting with potential collaborators

Your research impact involves many factors, and you can assess your research impact by considering:

  • How many scholars have cited your articles, who are they, and how has your research helped with their research?
  • What are the outcomes of your scholarly work? Have they led to better methods or protocols?
  • Who knows about your work? Does anyone follow your work through social media? Have you presented your work to the community?


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