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Media Literacy Unit: Get Bad News

To Understand, We Must Play The Game.

Inoculation Theory

Inoculation theory, which has its roots in social psychology, states that people are able to build up a resistance against false or misleading information by being presented with a weakened version of a misleading argument before being exposed to the “real” information. One can see this as giving people a kind of “vaccine” against misleading information. If you can recognize it, you can resist it. The Bad News game draws on inoculation theory for its theoretical justification.

Follow-Up Questions

  • What was your reaction to the Get Bad News game?
  • What worked the best to gain more followers? Was it easy to get them? 
  • Is mis/disinformation on social media dangerous? To what degree?
  • Who holds the responsibility for mis/disinformation? Is it the platform, the first publisher, or the one sharing the information? Is it you? 
  • What do we do about it?

TedTalk: Sinan Aral

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