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Music Events in the Area: Home

This site identifies music events in the St.Louis metropolitan area.


This LibGuide has been created
to inform you about forthcoming musical events. 
We invite you to explore the SIUE, Local,and 
St. Louis Area Event Listings 
from the tabs on  the left side of this page. 
Looking for more events?
Check out our Theater LibGuide.

Helpful Links

Here are some helpful links to learn about music events, listen to music, and obtain music resources on campus:

Forthcoming Events

If you know of any other musical events, please let us know in the comment section below.  Thanks!

This Month in CAS

Wondering what's happening this month on campus?...

Check out  This Month In CAS to find out!

CAS has a radio show!  Take a listen to Segue this Sunday

on SIUE's very own radio station 88.7 FM.  Check out the details here.

An Archive of past shows beginning with the inaugural interview of Ruth Slenczynska in March, 2011 

is found at this site.

Places to Check Out!

Do you want to know about the next up-and-coming band in St. Louis?  Or how about the coolest places in the Metro Area?
Here's where you can get good food, great music,
and meet interesting people:


This LibGuide was created and has been maintained by Andrea Wilson, Sarah Gallagher, Ian Caveny, Maame Antwi, Doug Meyer, and Therese Dickman.

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