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Women's Studies Research Guide: Find Books

A guide to finding and using library resources on women's studies topics.

Books and Ebooks

books and ebooks
Use the Lovejoy Library catalog (UFind) to find books and ebooks on women's studies topics, including:




UFind Basic Search Tips

For a Basic Search, combine the word "women" (or "wives," "daughters," etc.) with the name of the country (if relevant). For instance, type these words in the search box: daughters iran

You can also add other topic of interest. For example: women health africa



UFind Advanced Search Tips

If you want to search for "feminist" and "feminism" at the same time, try an Advanced Search.

For example, to search for feminist art/feminism and art, fill in the boxes like this:UFind advanced search example

"Gender" is a useful search concept. Sometimes the word "sex" is used instead of "gender." Use the same technique to search for "gender" and "sex" at the same time.

For example, to search for discrimination based on gender/sex, fill in the boxes like this:UFind advanced search example 2



Call Numbers

Books on women's studies topics are located throughout the library, since women's studies is an interdisciplinary field.

The HQ1101-2030.7 section on the 2nd floor concentrates on the topics of women and feminism. Specifically:

  • HQ1121-1154 History of women and feminism
  • HQ1190-1194 Feminist theory
  • HQ1236-1236.5 Women's rights/women's political activity
  • HQ1237-1237.5 Sex discrimination/sexual harassment/sexism
  • HQ1402-1439 Women/feminism in the United States
  • HQ1451-1870.7 Women/feminism in other countries