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Movie Reviews: Home

This guide offers suggestions in locating movie reviews.

Where Should I Start?

Looking for a movie review or critical article on Jerry Maguire or the latest James Bond movie?  Where you start will depend on whether the movie is recent or an older classic. It will also depend on the type of analysis you want to undertake.  Are you looking for scholarly research or will a popular review suffice.

In this guide, for more recent movies, try the databases or web resources.  Websites may be the most up-to-date, but the reviews will probably not be scholarly.

For older movies, start by using the print sources.

Movie Reviews

can be located in newspapers and popular magazines and are generally short in length.  These reviews are intended for a general audience and appears when the movie is released in theaters.  The intent of a movie review is to help determine whether or not a movie should be seen.

The Assignment

Eng. 102 Film Assignment

Nancy Avdoian's Course Reserves

What Resources Should I Use?

The resources that will help with this assignment include:

  • Film encyclopedias, dictionaries and handbooks
  • Bibliographies/reading lists for film studies
  • Film criticism
  • Film reviews
  • Database (*Academic Search Complete)
  • Journal articles

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Critics reviews of current movies.