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Movie Reviews: Web Resources

This guide offers suggestions in locating movie reviews.

Web Resources

There are literally hundreds of movie review sites on the Internet. However, although some are more authoritative than others, most are very opinionated. The majority of sites are constructed and maintained by average moviegoers, not critics or film scholars. A few of the more useful and reliable sites are:

All-Movie Guide
This site contains reviews and other information on current releases.

The Best 1,000 Movies Ever Made (reviews from the New York Times)

This site contains reviews, discussions, critics' picks, and other pertinent information.

The Greatest Films
This site contains comprehensive plot summaries of 100 "greatest" English language films along with excerpts from the scripts and poster reproductions. Two major sections are:
FILM REFERENCES - provides a list of other film related sites and
FILM SEARCHING - allows searching for information on a specific film.

Internet Movie Database (Librarian's Choice)
Encyclopedic coverage of films with links to reviews, official film sites, and more.  This is one of the largest movie sites and provides basic information on film stars and production crews. To search the site click on the SEARCHAmerican Beauty in the search box and click on the Go button. From the results list select the title of interest. In the Awards & Reviews on the left column, choose External Reviews.
Tab and type in a title.

Modern Times: Classic Films Pages
This site contains reviews of films from the 1920's through the 1950's and includes essays, reviews, posters, stills, and movie sound bites.

MRQE: Movie Review Query Engine

Type in the title of the movie for links to reviews that are often not in Internet Movie Database cited above.

New York Times Movie Reviews

Requires free registration.

Rotten Tomatoes

Colllects reviews from an array of sources, including the New York Times.  Use this site to identify reviews and then, if you cannot access it, use the Library's web page to locate the original publication.

Screen It

Use the drop down menu to get lengthy reviews of new or recently release movies.  Select "New Movies" or "Complete List of Movies (alphabetical)."  Select the title of movie. 

TV Guide Online: Movie Database

This site contains costs, credits, and reviews for over 35,000 movies.

Yahoo! Entertainment: Movies and Film: Reviews

This site contains links to an extensive list of movie review sites, ranging from mediocre to great, that link to other sites that review films. Under the sections COLUMNS there are a number of movie review sites.