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Grant Forward: Advanced Searching

Grant Forward by Cazoodle is an enhanced version of the Illinois Researcher Information Service (IRIS) search engine and covers grant opportunities from agriculture to zoology.

Advanced Searching

Advanced search provides a set of fields for targeted queries. In advanced search, you may specify general keywords, subjects (similar to IRIS' Subject Keywords), sponsors and a variety of additional attributes. One or more of these fields may be combined in various ways in order to fully customize your query.

See the boxes below for futher explanation of each advanced search feature.



Sponsors are a structured list of opportunity providers

  • Search and add sponsors using the keyword box (A) or select them from a list (B,C)


Deadline filter allows you to search for opportunities based on submission deadlines.

  • Search for opportunities whose deadlines are within a date range (A)
  • Search for opportunities whose deadline is before (B) or after a certain date (C)


Opportunity type allows you to specify the type of opportunity you are seeking.

  • Search for Doctoral, Fellowships & Scholarships, Award, among others
  • Modify your search so that no opportunities of a certain type are displayed (A)

Sponsor Type

Sponsor Type allows you to specify the type of sponsor you are seeking.

  • Search for Federal, State, Foundation, University, Other
  • Modify your search so that no sponsors of a certain type are displayed (A)


Status enables you look for opportunities based on their status
You can choose more than one of the statuses:

  • Open
  • Continuous
  • Closed


Limited Submission
•Some submissions require internal coordination before proposal submission, due to a limit on per-institution submissions by the sponsor
•Choose ‘Is Limited’ to filter opportunities to the limited submissions.

Applicant Type

Applicant Type allows you to specify special types of applicants looking for funding opportunities.  Choose more than one of these types:

  • Undergraduate
  • Graduate
  • International
  • Early Career Investigator