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Grant Forward: Saved Search/Alerts

Grant Forward by Cazoodle is an enhanced version of the Illinois Researcher Information Service (IRIS) search engine and covers grant opportunities from agriculture to zoology.

Saved Searches

Can I save my search/grant?

In order to save a search, click "save" icon near the search bar. This will save your query keywords as well as any advanced options that have been specified.

In order to save a grant, simply click the "Save" icon next to the grant opportunity. This will save this grant to the "Saved Grants" area of your user account.

Saving Searches

Saving Searches and Setting Alerts

  • Saving a search will save the filters and keywords used to trigger the search
  • Alerts may also be set to notify you periodically when new results match your query
  • Clicking “Save Search/alert” (A) will bring up a box in which you may
  • Overwrite a previously saved search (B)
  • Save as a new search (C)
  • Set an alert and select the frequency with which you wish to receive updates on new opportunities (D)

Saved Searches & Alerts

Saved searches and alerts are shown here

  • Name your search (A)
  • Modify or remove alert (B)
  • Edit your search (C)
  • Remove saved search (D)



Saved Information

Viewing Saved Information

Upon logging-in, the top of each page will show your name. Clicking on this link will show a list of account options:

  • Profile: general profile information
  • My Favorites: view a list of opportunities that have been saved as favorite
  • My Searches: view a list of saved searches
  • My Settings: view and modify notification settings
  • Sign Out: sign out of your current session (if on a public computer)