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Grant Forward: Keyword Searching

Grant Forward by Cazoodle is an enhanced version of the Illinois Researcher Information Service (IRIS) search engine and covers grant opportunities from agriculture to zoology.


Keywords:   Grant Forward Keywords are different from IRIS' Subject Keywords; Subject Keywords represent a curated list of subjects or categories that a funding opportunity belongs to. Users are able to search with these Subject Keywords in the "Categories" filter.

Basic search provides a keyword-based unified search bar (similar to Google) for a variety of search types. The query field is auto-completed for ease-of-use and accepts phrases, keywords and restrictions. You need only type your text into the search bar and click "Search."

 "Keywords" in Grant Forward represent a set of important phrases that identify portions of grants. These keywords include:

  • Grant titles
  • Sponsors
  • Descriptive Text
  • Academic Restrictions
  • Activities Supported
  • Citizenship
  • Sponsor Type


Grant Filters from IRIS

Where can I apply grant filters from IRIS (e.g., "Activities Supported," "Restrictions") in my search?

These types of filters have been consolidated as "Keywords" in the Grant Forward system. Simply type your filter, e.g., "U.S. Citizenship," into either the unified basic search box or the "Keywords" field in the advanced search.

Feature versions of Grant Forward will contain a structured "eligibility" search so that these attributes may be specified more explicitly.