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Lovejoy Library Exhibits: Exhibits of 2017

Resources related to monthly library exhibits.

Sculptures on the SIUE campus 2017

Art is an integral part of the SIUE campus and community, and is ever-changing.  You can participate by sharing a favorite artist and/or work of art, and learn more about art on campus.  The upcoming annual sculpture walk will be held at 4pm on Friday October 6, 2017.

Participate in the two question poll here: Favorite artist and/or work of art Poll

View the interactive map of the 2017 SIUE Sculpture Walk sculptures with images and linked interviews with the artists.

Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017

A total eclipse of the sun travelled a 70 mile wide path through the United States from west to east on Monday August 21, 2017.  SIUE is located on the edge of this path and witnessed 99.5% totality at 1:18pm local time where the moon blocking the sun appeared like a diamond ring in the sky. The interactive eclipse map shows the exact time of the starting and ending of the eclipse at a specific location.Beginning of total eclipse from Fort Kaskaskia


The SIUE community built a program for the public, students, faculty, staff, elementary students, and educators to enjoy and learn from this rare event.  For more information, visit the official SIUE eclipse page:  SIUE Solar Eclipse


‚ÄčUse this interactive eclipse map created by Xavier M Jubier to find locations within the path of the total eclipse, time of total eclipse, areas of partial eclipse, with start and end times.  To view interactive maps of future eclipses, select a date from the list HERE



National Ice Cream Month July 2017

What's your favorite ice cream flavor?  Patrons were able to add their favorite ice cream flavor to a scoop in honor of national ice cream month.  Participate in the one question poll here: Favorite Ice Cream Flavor PollNational ice cream month scoop display

Great Outdoors Month-Sustainability and Gardening

The multifaceted exhibit featured the new SIUE Sustainability App (downloadable here), The Gardens at SIUE, the scents of drying herbs, and general gardening tips.


Sustainability LibGuides

Guides to finding resources related to sustainability including: SIUE sustainability, Courses related to sustainability,  sustainability databases & eResources, sustainability multimedia, sustainability research tips, Get Involved!, sustainability for faculty, sustainability and business, climate change, energy, environment, food, green buildings, living green, social justice, and water



This shortGardens at SIUE youtube video produced by the SIUE marketing department, discusses the value, beauty, and experiences at the gardens.


Don't own property?  You can still garden!  SIUE hosts a community garden within the Gardens at SIUE. According to a July 9, 2014 article in the Alestle, by Caitlyn Grove, Natural Connections, a student organization on campus, began the project to encourage students to grow, cook, and harvest their own food.

Consulted works in creation of 2017 exhibits.

Images of exhibits and background articles, books, websites, special collections, and contact information consulted in the creation of exhibits in 2017.


National Poet-Tree Month April 2017

During the April 2017 exhibit, patrons were encouraged to "leaf" a poem (on leaf shaped sticky notes) on the "poet-tree" an enlarged photograph of a tree on the Stratton quadrangle with Lovejoy Library in the background. Poet-tree display leaf a poem



River Styx 56, The Visual Word by The Big River Association

  • Multicultural literary explorers since 1975." Front Fly Sheet. 
  • From the collection of Eugene B. Redmond.
  • Shelved in the Eugene B. Redmond Learning Center. 

Roots and Branches by Robert Duncan

  • Available in both book and eBook version.

The Bean Eaters by Gwendolyn Brooks

  • "We Real Cool," is included in The Bean Eaters and was  submitted by a patron as a favorite poem.

Ego-Tripping and Other Poems for Young People by Nikki Giovanni; George Ford (Illustrator)

  • "Ego-Tripping" was submitted by a patron as a favorite poem. 

Toni Morrison Books-Elizabeth Cali's class April 2017

Exhibit created during Elizabeth Cali's Spring 2017 English 477 session.

African American & Black Diaspora Literature: ENG 477: Toni Morrison (Dr. Cali)

  • Course Libguide with resources related to Toni Morrison's books: Beloved, Sulu, Song of Solomon, and Mercy

East St. Louis Andrew Theising Collection Display July-August 2017

Explore the history of East St. Louis using the special collection donated by Dr. Andrew Theising, head of SIUE's Institute for Urban Research, including historic postcards available in the special collection, his contribution to the Emmy-winning PBS documentary and award winning book, "Made in USA: East St. Louis." Learn more about the 1917 Race riot through Institute For Urban Research: 1917 Race Riot page or  Request the book: Race Riot at East St. Louis, July 2, 1917 written by former SIU professor Dr. Elliott Rudwick.

Mississippi River Festival Display May 2017

The Mississippi River Festival(MRF) Digital Collection

SIUE created the MRF in conjunction with the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra to promote regional cooperation in the realm of performing arts. The university created an outdoor concert venue within a natural amphitheater by installing a large circus tent, a stage, an acoustic shell, and a sophisticated sound system. 

Between 1969 and 1980, 353 events showcasing performers in a variety of musical genres, including classical, chamber, vocal, ragtime, blues, folk, bluegrass, barbershop, country, and rock, as well as dance and theater occurred at the Mississippi River Festival (Bahr-Evola, & Kerber, 2006).


Build ItThe "BUILD IT" case includes photographs of the construction of one of the three large canvas tents used at the Mississippi River Festival over it's 12 season run.

and theyThe "AND THEY" case shares photographs of entertainers and their performance dates at MRF.

The "WILL COME" case highlights the admosphere of the MRF including large crowds, fireworks, blanket tosses, coolers, chairs, and blankets on the lawn. 

Tent model display

The "MRF Tent" case is a scale model of the MRF tent created by Tiffany Dvorak with accompanying images of construction of the acoustic shell and site preparation for the festival. 


Siue Then and Now May-June 2017

Exhibit showing side by side images of the SIUE campus during construction compared with the campus in April 2017, from similar angles.  With a focus on the architectural history of SIUE during the May 2017 commencement, images of Gyo Obata's architectural designs forming including the original concept, clearing of the grounds, testing of brick materials and colors, and groundbreaking, are compared with the same buildings over 50 years later.

Many of the historical construction images used in the display are available in the images of SIUE digital exhibit.

SIUE Then and Now

Lovejoy Library Then and NowLovejoy Library April 2017Quad view of Lovejoy Library April 2017 for the "Then and Now" display in May 2017.

Peck Hall across lake April 2017Peck Hall as viewed across Chimega's Pond, April 2017.


Gyo Obata Distinguished Service Award & SIUE history

3D architectural model by Gyo Obata