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Lovejoy Library Exhibits: Exhibits of 2018

Resources related to monthly library exhibits.

Eugene B. Redmond Writers Club over the Decades EBR Learning Center September 2018

The Eugene B. Redmond Writers Club was incorporated on November 21, 1986 with the goals and Objectives of : Implementing a Literacy Project with an emphasis on Creative Writing and Great Books; Establishing a Visiting lecturers and Artists series featuring outstanding scholars, poets, writers, cultural luminaries and thinkers; acquiring and maintaining a Physical Facility to house a massive library, meeting rooms, office space and a concert/performing theater; Developing and staffing a Junior Division for Young Aspiring Authors; Organizing a Literature Performance Troupe that can tour our communities and the world; and Participating in and contributing to other worthwhile Artistic Endeavors. This display celebrates the history and continued contributions of the EBR Writers Club. 

This display highlights the history of the Eugene B. Redmond Writers Club within the Eugene B. Redmond Collection.  


Exhibit curated by Tiffany Dvorak and Katherine Knowles.

Ruth Slenczynska Exhibit January 2018

Exhibit curated by Therese Dickman, Tiffany Dvorak, and Doug Meyer (Library and Information Services)

Sponsored by SIUE Library and Information Services and SIUE University Museum

Featuring Materials from the Ruth Slenczynska Collection (SIUE) and the Dan Vizer Collection (SIUE) 

Ruth Slenczynska display from northeast Lovejoy library



Records and CD's featuring Ruth Slenczynska


Special thanks to Lydia Jackson, Jeffrey Brown, Ginger Stricklin, Erica Vandiver (Library and Information Services), Erin Vigneau-Dimick and Mike Whisenhunt (University Museum)

Amazing Women Redmond Learning Center April 2018

This display features amazing women that are included in materials from the Eugene B Redmond Collection.  Women featured include: Maya Angelou, Gwendolyn Brooks, Jayne Cortez, Rita Dove, Nikki Giovanni, Jackie Joyner Kersee, Pinkie Gordon Lane, Madeline "Morningfire" Meyers. Toni Morrison, Tess Onwueme, Edna Patterson Petty, Darlene Roy, Sonia Sanchez, Barbara Ann Teer, Margaret Walker Alexander, Treasure Williams, and Oprah. 

Amazing women display entry April 2018


Amazing women display


Exhibit curated by Katherine Knowles and Tiffany Dvorak

In Memorium of Frankie Muse Freeman 1916-2018

“Civil Rights legend Frankie Muse Freeman, who received an Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters from SIUE during its May 2017 commencement exercise, passed away Friday, Jan. 12, in St. Louis. She was 101.

Freeman spent her lengthy career advocating for civil rights issues that have had a lasting impact at the local, regional and national levels.”

Saint Louis Post Dispatch Obituary

SIUE Announcement


Founding of the Black Arts Movement February 2018

This February 2018 exhibit featured the Black Arts Movement and the connection with SIUE. This display featured works by Amiri Baraka and Dr. Howard Rambsy.


Consulted works in creation of exhibits in 2018.

Images of exhibits and background articles, books, websites, special collections, and contact information consulted in the creation of exhibits in 2018. 


SIUE English Literature Graduate Exhibit Redmond Learning Center August 2018

SIUE English Literature Graduate Exhibit

"Between the Worldly and Spiritual: The Woman Poet As Metaphorical Witch by Allie Barrows

A English graduate masters theses in the form of a display in the Redmond Learning Center, August 2018.  Allie shares insights on poems by Sappho, Sylvia Plath, Furugh Farrukhzad, and Ai Ogawa

Between the Worldly and Spiritual



Literary Witches 

Special thanks to Dr. Jessica DeSpain, Dr. Heather Johnson, Dr. Elizabeth Cali (English Department, SIUE), Lora Del Rio and Tiffany Dvorak (SIUE Lovejoy Library) for their frequent, thorough, help and support. 

Modern Voices From Around the World Redmond Learning Center October 2018

Diversity day display celebrating “Modern Voices From Around the World” features biographies, documentaries, first person accounts and translations of experiences and cultures from around the world which are available at Lovejoy Library. The voices chosen represent individual experiences and interpretations. These perspectives do not encompass the wide variety of opinions, thoughts, or views of the country in which they are associated.



Jean Kittrell Exhibit April 2018

Exhibit curated by Therese Dickman, Tiffany Dvorak, and Doug Meyer (Library and Information Services)

Sponsored by SIUE Library and Information Services

Franklin Valiant, Jr. 

Friends of Lovejoy Library

National Ragtime and Jazz Archive

Featuring donated materials from Jean Kittrell Music Collection, Don Franz, and Dotti Miller

Special thanks to Lydia Jackson, Jeffrey Brown, Ginger Stricklin, Bill Weidler, and Marlee Graser (Library and Information Services), Emily Warf and Dr. Cory Willmott (College of Arts and Sciences), and Erin Vigneau-Dimick and Mike Whisenhunt (University Museum) 


Jean Kittrell Display Dress



Jean Kittrell's obituary in the Intelligencer Edwardsville, August 2018