A clip is a shortened excerpt, or cut, of a video. Academics or librarians will often create clips to show in class or share with users when a particular section of the video is of interest. Students also find the clip-making tool useful. 

A "playlist" is a set of different clips or films that are curated and collated together into a single URL with the intention of being viewed together. For example, academics can create mandatory or suggested viewing playlists for their students, or a student or library user can create a playlist of their favorite videos for future reference.

You can create clips and playlists for any film on Kanopy, to which you can also provide annotations, titles, etc. Essentially, this tool helps students, faculty and other users to better prepare films for class or other use.

When a clip or playlist is created, it has a unique URL and can be made public or kept private. The URL can be shared with others via email or otherwise, and there is a unique embed code for it as well. All clips and playlists will be saved on the platform for you under your profile, so that it is not lost and you can always revisit it (unless you manually delete the clip/playlist).  

How to create a clip or playlist?

Here are some instructions on how to create playlists and clips on Kanopy:

Step 1)

Find the video that you want to create your first clip from. You can access the Playlist and Clip Creation Tool from any video on your institution’s Video Portal by clicking the "More" button under the video player.

Step 2)

The website will then prompt you to log in to your account so you can begin creating and managing your playlists. You can sign in with your social media account, your existing video portal account, or you can create a new account.

Step 3)

Once you signed in to your account, click on "More" then "Create Clip/Playlist" again and now an option to create a new playlist will appear. Type in the name of your new playlist and click "Create." This will automatically add the current video to your playlist.

Step 4)

If you are adding to an existing playlist, click "Add Video" to add the video on this current video page to your playlist. You will see the number of clips change when adding the video.

Step 5)

Click on "Edit Playlist" to trim down the whole video into the clip that you want.

Step 6)

You can now edit the playlist title if you want to change it. Click "Save Changes" before navigating away from the page if you want the new title to be saved. To trim down the whole video into a clip, click "Edit."

Step 7)

To select the clip that you want in your playlist, you can either:

  1. Click the player to start the film. When you want your clip to start, click "Capture" next to "Start Time". Then click "Capture" next to "Stop Time" when you want the clip to end.
  2. Enter in the timecodes manually.

Once you are happy with your clip, click "Save Clip"

Step 8)

If you require more clips to be added to your playlist, click on "+ Click here to add a new clip".

Step 9)

Then search for the title of the next video that you wish to add a clip for.

Step 10)

For your next clip, the whole video has again been added to my playlist. Click on "Edit" to trim down the video to the clip that you want (repeat step 7). If you want to duplicate the video (for creating several clips from the same video) you can simply click "Duplicate". If you want to change the order of the clips simply drag the clips upwards or downwards using the cross icon on the left underneath the clip number. You can also click "Delete" to delete that clip. You can also delete the entire playlist by clicking "Delete Playlist" at the bottom.

Step 11) 

Once you are happy with your overall playlist, watch the playlist by clicking on the "My Playlists" tab on your Dashboard. Then click on your playlist name to watch it.

Step 12)

Here you will see your playlist and the clips that it is comprised of. Click play on the video player to watch it.

Step 13)

Once your playlist is finished, you may wish to share or embed the playlist. Go back to the "My Playlists" tab and then click on "Share/Embed". Here you are able to share your playlist via social media or by accessing the playlist at the direct URL given.

Step 14)

You can also embed the playlist into your LMS (for students). Simply copy and paste the URL into your LMS (e.g. Blackboard, Moodle etc.)