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Kanopy: Sharing Films

Kanopy is a streaming video service.

Sharing Films

Copy and paste links to individual movies or playlists or embed a video into Blackboard.

How to share films?

Sharing films: overview

Below every film on your Kanopy website, you will see a button which says "Share/Embed." You can simply click on this button and you will see three options for sharing and embedding films:

  1. The link for the film that you can send as a URL to anyone associated with your institution
  2. Social media options to share via Facebook, Twitter, etc, and
  3. Embed button, which includes the HTML code that you can copy and paste into a website or course management system post so that the film appears and can be watched there (as opposed to providing a link to open up a separate webpage). If you would like to learn more about how to embed films, you can see how to here.

This same button and suite of sharing and embedding tools is available below any clip or playlist you create as well.

How to Share a Film

Let's say you want to share a link to a film with others.

Below every film (and clip/playlist you create) you will notice a button for "Share / Embed." If you select this button, two tabs will appear which allow you to both share and embed the film.

The default tab here is the "Share" tab which provides a static URL link to the film to share along with various social media tools that allow you to easily one-click share films via social media platforms (note that any film shared on social media or otherwise will still be protected by your institution's on and off site authentication systems).