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SIUE SPARK (Scholarly Publications and Repository of Knowledge): Funder Requirements

SIUEs Institutional Repository, SPARK, is a platform for publishing the research, scholarly, and creative activities of the SIUE community.

Funder Requirements for Open Access

Many federal funding agencies now have policies requiring or strongly preferring that grant recipients share the products of grant-funded research openly with the public. This includes publications/articles as well as research data generated during the course of research.

A common requirement is a data management plan, which describes how research data will be handled and how it will be shared with the public.

SIUE SPARK may be used as a platform for sharing both articles and data. Please contact us if you would like assistance or more information about sharing requirements, uploading to SPARK, or writing the data management plan.

The table below summarizes some common federal funding agencies as well as their requirements. A general rule of thumb is open access to the article no more than 12 months after publication, and a data management plan describing the data collected and how it will be shared with the public or a justification for not sharing the data (examples from NIH).

Common Funding Agencies and Their Requirements