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Social Work 201 - Moseley: Home

This guide provides an introduction to resources for many aspects of social work.

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Understanding Social Work Practice

The National Association of Social Workers cites:

Social work practice as consisting of the professional application of social work values, principles, and techniques one or more of the following ends: helping people obtain tangible services; counseling and psychotherapy with individuals, families, and groups; helping communities or groups provide or improve social or health services; and participating in legislative processes. l The practice of social work requires knowledge of human development and behavior; of social and economic, and cultural institutions; and of the interaction of all these factors.

Review NASW Standards

Starting Your Research

Choose and Understand the Topic

  • What discipline does the topic focus? (social work, psychology, sociology)
  • What aspect of the topic will be the focal point?
  • What are the main ideas or keywords that describe your topic?

Check dictionaries, encyclopedias or other reference sources to find a general overview of your topic.

Determine Your Research Need(s)

  • Do you need facts or figures, short review or survey, discussion of an event or series of events, analysis of a research question or a detailed study of a subject?

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