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Social Work 201 - Moseley: Search Tips

This guide provides an introduction to resources for many aspects of social work.

Search Tips

Most library databases permit you to:





  Subject terms or Descriptors

LIMIT a search by:


  Publication date/range of dates

  Document type (e.g., articles, book reviews, etc.)

  Name of source journal

  Peer reviewed (scholarly or academic) journals

COMBINE Keywords using Boolean connectors:

  AND   narrows search

  OR    expands search

  NOT   excludes word

           Example:  spotted AND (dogs OR puppies) NOT hounds

     TRUNCATE search terms using symbols such as: *  ?  $

         By using an asterisk, your results will have words that start with the letters before the asterisk

           Examples:  sociol* - retrieves sociology, sociological, sociologist

           OR demography, demographic, demographics, demographical – this is a good way to retrieve word variations.

                      wom?n - retrieves woman or women

           Find phrases or adjacent words: For example:  "civil rights"