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SIUE Advisory Board: Collaborate in Channels

Collaborate in Channels

Communication at work happens in different places, like emails, chats, and calls. This can result in silos that make it difficult to work effectively and share information.

Work in Channels

In Slack, communication with your team about specific topics takes place in channels. When you work in channels, use mentions to get the attention of the right people, and emoji reactions to simplify communication.

If you have a question for a specific teammate, you can mention them in a channel to get their attention. They'll receive a notification and the rest of the team can follow along for context. a mention included in a message in a Slack conversation

In a channel, use the  symbol to mention a teammate when asking them a question.

Share Files

You can add files to any conversation to collaborate with your teammates more easily.

If you need to share a file with project info. By adding it to the channel dedicated to that project, the file and the messages about it stay together with the rest of the conversation. uploading a file to Slack from the message field

Click the  paper clip icon next to the message field to add a file.

Communicate Clearly

To add clarity to communication in Slack, you can format and edit your messages.

If you are providing feedback about a document. To make it easier to scan for the team, add list formatting to your message. formatting a message using the toolbar in the message field