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Faculty Mentoring: Databases, Journals & More

Mentoring Resource

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  • Lechuga, V. (2014). A motivation perspective on faculty mentoring: the notion of 'non-intrusive' mentoring practices in science and engineering. Higher Education, 68(6), 909-926.

  • Ferguson, S. K. (2012). Reframing the conversation: Faculty mentoring undergraduate women students in engineering. Dissertation Abstracts International Section  A, 79, 92.

Higher Education / Teacher Education

  • Carr, M. L., Pastor, D. K., & Levesque, P. J. (2015). Learning to lead: Higher education faculty explore self-mentoring.International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring, 13(2), 1-13.

  • Thomas, N., Bystydzienski, J., & Desai, A. (2015). Changing Institutional Culture through Peer Mentoring of Women STEM Faculty. Innovative Higher Education, 40(2), 143-157.

Humanities / Arts

  • Egeland, P., & Eckert, J. (2012). Mentoring: A Unique Opportunity for Liberal Arts Teacher Preparation. AILACTE Journal, 949-64.

  • Cannister, M. W. (1995, July). Faculty mentoring and the spiritual well-being of freshman students at a Christian liberal arts college. Dissertation Abstracts International Section A, 56, 0133.

Medicine / Dentistry / Health

  • Pololi, L. H., & Evans, A. T. (2015). Group Peer Mentoring: An Answer to the Faculty Mentoring Problem? A Successful Program at a Large Academic Department of Medicine. Journal of Continuting Education in the Health Profession, 35(3), 192-200.

  • DeCastro, R., Sambuco, D., Ubel, P. A., Stewart, A., & Jagsi, R. (2013). Mentor networks in academic medicine: Moving beyond a dyadic conception of mentoring for junior faculty researchers. Academic Medicine, 88(4), 488-496.

  • Beech, B. M., Calles-Escandon, J., Hairston, K. G., Langdon, S. E., Latham-Sadler, B. A., & Bell, R. A. (2013). Mentoring programs for underrepresented minority faculty in academic medical centers: A systematic review of the literature. Academic Medicine, 88(4), 541-549. 


  • Brannagan, K. B., & Oriol, M. (2014). A Model for Orientation and Mentoring of Online Adjunct Faculty in Nursing. Nursing Education Perspectives (National League for Nursing), 35(2), 128-130.

  • Gies, M. L. (2013). Mentoring Clinical Adjunct Nursing Faculty. International Journal for Human Caring, 17(3), 35-40.

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  • Lechuga, V. (2014). A motivation perspective on faculty mentoring: the notion of 'non-intrusive' mentoring practices in science and engineering. Higher Education, 68(6), 909-926.

  • Battaglia, D., & Battaglia, J. (2016). Faculty Mentoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders: Case Study of a Doctoral Teaching Practicum. Academy of Educational Leadership Journal, 20(3), 1-11. 

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Social Sciences / Social Work

  • Chadiha, L. A., Aranda, M. P., Biegel, D. E., & Chang, C. (2014). The Importance of Mentoring Faculty Members of Color in Schools of Social Work. Journal of Teaching in Social Work, 34(4), 351-362. 

  • Shobe, M. A., Murphy-Erby, Y., & Sparks, J. (2014). Mentorship Efforts to Support Part-time Social Work Faculty Members. Mentoring & Tutoring: Partnership in Learning, 22(5), 446-460.



Primary Databases for finding articles on mentoring.


  • Chronicle of Higher Education
  • Inside Higher Education
  • Journal of Higher Education
  • The Mentor: An Academic Advising Journal