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Faculty Mentoring: Phases of Mentoring

Mentoring Resource

Phases of Mentoring

Mentorship is a learning relationship between two or more people, and typically follows four phases: 

  • Preparing: the discovery phase, when you find out if mentorship is right for you.
  • Negotiating: the business phase, when you help your mentee set learning goals.
  • Enabling growth: the work phase, when you support and provide feedback to your mentee.
  • Coming to closure: the assessment stage, where you assess the value of your mentoring relationship and move forward.  

Preparing Phase

The preparing phase is the discovery stage of the mentoring relationship:

  • Discover your own personal motivation and readiness to be a mentor
  • Get to know your mentee and build rapport
  • Create a context for the learning partnership you and your mentee will build together

Negotiation Phase

The negotiating phase is the business stage of the mentoring relationship: 

  • Support your mentee by helping them create learning goals
  • Create a learning agreement with your mentee, to cover shared responsibilities and ground rules
  • Establish boundaries with your mentee 

Enabling Growth Phase

This phase is the work stage of the mentoring relationship – this is where mentors will have the most contact with their mentees: 

  • Support your mentee's learning and challenge their assumptions through one-on-one mentoring and mentor-led group work
  • Provide useful feedback to them to help them achieve their desired learning goals

Closure Phase

The coming to closure phase is the reflection stage of the mentoring relationship: 

  • Assess the value of your mentoring partnership 
  • Identify areas of growth and learning 
  • Celebrate the achievement of learning outcomes