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Faculty Mentoring: The Mentee

Mentoring Resource

The Mentee's Role

A Mentee is involved in career planning, seeking job assistance, shaping career, and succession planning with an eye on sustainability, legacy, realism, structure & expectations and an emphasis on professional career – especially at the entry level.

  • Listen patiently
  • Has a positive attitude
  • Shares with mentor reasons for decisions
  • Is prepared to learn from the mentor
  • Actively seek advice from mentor and others both in and out of the discipline
  • Acts on advice from your mentors

“Advisor, Teacher, Role Model, Friend”, National Academy of Sciences National Press, Washington DC.

Being a Proactive Mentee

Mentoring partnerships which are successful involve the mentee taking the initiative and driving the initiative.  In this type of relationship, the mentee determines the pace, route, and destination.  The mentor is then able to of fer insights and counsel that is focused on the mentee's objectives. 

Consider the following ten questions:

  1. Are my objectives clear and well defined?
  2. Am I comfortable asking for what I want?
  3. Am I open to hearing new ideas and perspectives?
  4. Do I allow myself to be open and vulnerable?
  5. Am I receptive to constructive feedback?
  6. Am I able to show I value and appreciate feedback?
  7. Am I willing to change or modify my behavior(s)?
  8. Do I consistently follow through on commitments?
  9. Do I make an effort to instill trust?
  10. Do I openly show appreciation and gratitude?

Mentee Do and Don't

Take initiative Be passive - don't wait for the mentor to initiate interactions
Look for opportunities to teach your mentor Be late, disorganized
Be respectful of mentor's time Stay in the comfort zone
Communicate agenda and goals with mentor prior to meeting Stay in a mentoring relationship when it is no longer helpful
Clarify goals and expectations
Practice self reflection
Support your peers
Keep your CV up to date

Have multiple mentors

Clarify your values