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Communication: Find Books

This guide provides information about Applied Communication Studies and Mass Communications library resources.

Communication Book Search Tips

Some general subject headings that may be useful in starting your search:

Communication; Mass Media;  Intercultural Communication; Oral Communication; Public Relations; and Nonverbal Communication

Subheadings that might be useful are:

Communication + Psychological aspects and Communication + Social aspects

Communication Book Resources

On the 3rd floor there are relevant communication book materials in the call number range P 87 through P 99.5. Business communication and some mass media materials can be found on the 2nd floor in the HD, HF, HM and HN call number sections. 

Selected Books and E-Books

Find Books

Finding E-Books

Tips on Searching

Boolean Keyword Searching: 

    Most library databases permit you to:

·         SEARCH by author, composer, title, subject, keyword

·         LIMIT search by publication year, language, document types, name of source journal, document type, publication year, peer-reviewed journals only.

 ·         COMBINE search terms using AND, OR, NOT (Boolean connectors).

For example:

 spotted AND (dog OR puppy) NOT hound

·         TRUNCATE search terms using symbols such as an asterisk or question mark.  For example: 

communic*      retrieves communication, communicator, etc.                 

wom?n     retrieves woman or women

 ·         FIND ADJACENT words:

For example:

         “reality television”