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History of Film: Home

This guide provides references to selected print and online materials about the history of film.

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Edwardsville High School students! The Instruction Staff is pleased that you and your teachers have taken the time to visit and use resources at our library. Materials provided here will assist in laying the foundation for successful completion of the assignment.

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Film Genres

Action Horror Animated
Comedy Musical

Film Noir/ Detective

Crime/Gangster Science Fiction Thriller/Suspense
Drama - Coming of Age War Romance
Drama - Courtroom Western Supernatural
Drama - Social Issues/Civil Rights Documentary Disaster
Epic/Historical/Biopic Sports (sub-genre for Drama) Serial

Tips to Remember

Access to the databases is only available outside the Library to registered SIUE faculty, staff, and students.

Most articles can be emailed to your email accounts.  For example, school accounts, Yahoo or Google.

To reproduce copies within the Library, it will cost $0.10 per page.

Ask for assistance when needed.