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Management 441: Home

This guide will provide links and search strategies to key resources that will help in locating Company and Industry information.


This course guide is specifically designed for students in Strategic Management 441 .   You will be able to access information, search strategies, and resources relevant  to helping with your ICAP:  Industry and Company Analysis Project). The senior assignment (Industry and Company Analysis Project) involves both industry and company analyses.

Research Consultations

If you have questions or problems contact me. Scheduled Consultations are preferred.  I will respond to emails as quickly as possible.  However, I request you start your research EARLY and allow up to 48  hours in advance (work week) for a initial response.  Often, this provides some time to research and adequately respond to more complex needs or questions..

The best, in completing the capstone project.

Strategic Management & Industry Analysis

Strategic Management is a corporate strategy that integrates knowledge in the various functional areas of management.  Strategic Management involves business and corporate level strategies that take into account the concerns of the various functional areas of management.  These practice will allow you as a researcher to:

  1. assess business environments
  2. diagnose an organization’s strengths and weaknesses
  3. develop strategic plans to create long-term competitive advantage
  4. understand the challenges of implementing strategic plans in organizations.

Industry Analysis is a market assessment tool used by businesses and analysts to understand the competitive dynamics of an industry” → I suggest changing “competitive dynamics” to “competitive landscape.” Industry analysis may involve analysis of dynamics but does not necessarily need to include it; in other words, industry analysis often ends up static analyses. In particular, undergraduate-level industry analysis does not include analysis of dynamics. It focused on analyzing competitive forces as a external business environment.  

Industry Analysis, for an entrepreneur or a company, is a method that helps to understand a company’s position relative to other participants in the industry. It helps them to identify both the opportunities and threats coming their way and gives them a strong idea of the present and future scenario of the industry. The key to surviving in this ever-changing business environment is to understand the differences between yourself and your competitors in the industry and use it to your full advantage. 

Company Analysis takes place after the analyst has gained an understanding of the company’s external environment and includes answering questions about how the company will respond to the threats and opportunities presented by the external environment. This intended response is the individual company’s competitive strategy. The analyst should seek to determine whether the strategy is primarily defensive or offensive in its nature and how the company intends to implement it.

Cited from Corporate Finance Institute.

Business & Social Work Librarian

The Connection

By researching your company you will gain knowledge in using multiple databases and other sources in order to have a comprehensive view of company's strategic direction, financial strength, and market position.  The goal is to gather as much pertinent information as possible in order to make an informed critique  or develop new ones to ensure competitive strength.