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Ruth Slenczynska: Home

This LibGuide provides information about Ruth Slenczynska, an American pianist & former child prodigy. Recollections by former piano students, friends & concert goers who heard Ms. Slenczynska perform are sought to honor the pianist during her 90th year.

Happy 96th Year!

Ruth Slenczynska, circa mid-1950s. (Ruth Slenczynska Collection, SIUE)


Slenczynska Student Memories / Memorabilia Sought for Slenczynska Collection

On January 15, 2021, Ruth Slenczynska celebrated her 96th birthday!      

Please help us honor Madame Ruth Slenczynska with shared memories or tributes to her. A vivid recollection; poignant teaching moment; favorite teaching "words of wisdom;" and recital or performance experiences as well as photos or related audio or videorecordings are welcome! These will be compiled and shared with Ms. Slenczynska as received during her 96th year. (Former SIUE students, colleagues and friends had an opportunity to see Ruth Slenczynska January 9, 2018 when she gave her first SIUE recital since September 24, 2010.) Perhaps Ms. Slenczynska's recent visit(s) were memorable in a special way that you would like to relate!) With your permission, the shared contributions will also be added to the Ruth Slenczynska Collection as part of an archival Ruth Slenczynska Student series. SIUE student shared memories are sought also throughout 2021. (Please Spread the Word!)  

Click the "Email Me" button provided or reply directly to my email address to contribute your written account or stories. I will gladly share the compiled accounts in January 2022 with all contributors!

Thank you in advance for helping us document your student stories about Ruth Slencyznska​ and to share them with her throughout 2021!

Therese Dickman, Fine Arts Librarian / Ruth Slenczynska Collection Curator, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville ( 


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