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Ruth Slenczynska: Concert Goers

This LibGuide provides information about Ruth Slenczynska, an American pianist & former child prodigy. Recollections by former piano students, friends & concert goers who heard Ms. Slenczynska perform are sought to honor the pianist during her 90th year.

Invitation to Share Your Stories about Ruth Slenczynska

To all who have attended a recital or concert in which Ruth Slenczynska performed:

I invite you to share your stories and recollections about Ruth Slenczynska as a concert pianist. During Ms. Slenczynska's 96th year, these will provide a personalized tribute to her musical life and career and help document her impact on those who heard her perform. So please recount your favorite recollections by clicking on "Email Me" in the box to the right on the Libguide Home page. Indicate approximate date(s), location and the occasion, if you can. Let others know about this distinguished, accomplished pianist. Thank you!  

Therese Dickman, Fine Arts Librarian (2022)


Which concert would you define as the best Ruth Slenczynska concert that you heard performed?  Why? (Please click on "Email Me" to the right to reply. Thank you!)


Which commercial recording is your favorite of Ruth Slenczynska performing? Why?

Ruth Slenczynska: Complete American Decca Recordings