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Ruth Slenczynska: SIUE News (Selected)

This LibGuide provides information about Ruth Slenczynska, an American pianist & former child prodigy. Recollections by former piano students, friends & concert goers who heard Ms. Slenczynska perform are sought to honor the pianist during her 90th year.

Ruth Slenczynska Exhibit January 2018

Exhibit curated by Therese Dickman, Tiffany Dvorak, and Doug Meyer (Library and Information Services)

Sponsored by SIUE Library and Information Services and SIUE University Museum

Featuring Materials from the Ruth Slenczynska Collection (SIUE) and the Dan Vizer Collection (SIUE) 

Ruth Slenczynska display from northeast Lovejoy library



Records and CD's featuring Ruth Slenczynska


Special thanks to Lydia Jackson, Jeffrey Brown, Ginger Stricklin, Erica Vandiver (Library and Information Services), Erin Vigneau-Dimick and Mike Whisenhunt (University Museum)

SIUE News Articles

Segue Radio Shows (CAS, SIUE): Slenczynska Interviews

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