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LIS Alma/PrimoVE Internal Guide: Fulfillment: Login, Printing, Persistent Search Box

Enable Quick Printing

Select the Location drop down arrow in the upper right corner of Alma: 

If the checkbox next to Enable quick printing is not checked, then check it.  

Now printing to the location networked printer should work for you in Alma.  

(Note: Check the box to "Always show current location" especially if you are switching between Lovejoy Library and the School of Dental Medicine Library in your workflows).

The Persistent Search Box

The "Persistent Search Box" is a search box present on each page in Alma, for ease of finding the items you need in the system at anytime. 

In Fulfillment, it is often necessary to use the item barcode for various tasks and functions, if you search "Physical Items" and filter the next box by keyword - you can search a title and the results will provide you the barcode of the item or items associated with that title. 


An "All Titles" search will additionally yield results for items in the Network Zone: NZ

Use the Facets on the left, such as Material Type: Book to filter your results.

Login to Alma

Login to Alma using the following link:

Use your e-ID and password for campus to login to Alma:

At login you will be prompted to select a location.

Use the drop-down arrow to choose the correct circulation desk - Lovejoy Library, - click "select"