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LIS Alma/PrimoVE Internal Guide: Fulfillment Fines and Fees

Notes, Blocks, Fines/Fess can all be accessed from the patron’s record:

Depending on your assigned role for the system, you can add notes, blocks, and fines/fees to the patron’s record.

Attachments are a list of the notices or letters sent to the patron. This is a useful way to verify notification of overdue fines.


Alma Patron Fines and Fees

If a patron would like to pay a fine or fee, you can review their current changes on their patron record.

In Alma navigate to:

Fulfillment > Manage Patron Services

The patron can pay against a specific fine or fee or against their current balance – paying in full or in part.

Payment can be made in cash, credit card(?), check(?), or through Bursar online student account (do we add charges to this)?  – Need Ted and/or Michele input here.

Click the Active Balance to view details of the users fines and fees

This opens the Fines and Fees tab on the user’s patron record:


Note depending on your assigned roles, fines and fees can be added, waived, or disputed.

To send an activity report of fines and fees to the patron, click the “Send Activity Report”

This is a report of current fulfillment activity for that patron.