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LIS Alma/PrimoVE Internal Guide: Update a short DVD record added by Acquisition

Update a short DVD record added by Acquisitions

Use this procedure to update a short record for a DVD added by Acquisitions. This short record will be a suppressed record in the IZ and have inventory added to it with an item PO line. Do not add new inventory; use existing holding and item.

*You must do these steps in order to get the “Link” option. Make sure you add your OCLC number and save BEFORE you share with network.

  1. Search for a record in the NZ. If you locate the correct record in the NZ, proceed to step 2. If you do not locate a record in the NZ, import a record from Connexion and then proceed to step 2.
  2. Copy the entire OCLC number from the 035 $a of the correct record in the NZ. Make sure you are copying the 035 $a and not the 035 $z.
  3. Open the short IZ record in the MDE.
  4. Place your cursor behind a field and select Editing Actions—Add field. Add an 035 field.
  5. Paste the OCLC number in the $a.
  6. Unsuppress the record, if needed.
  7. Save the record.
  8. Select Record Actions—Share with network
  9. You will get a matched record confirmation
  10. Select Yes.
  11. The NZ record will appear in the split screen to the right.
  12. View the record to make sure it is the correct record.
  13. If it is the correct record, select Link.
    •  Optionally: You can select “Back to results” and select Link from Matching Records result page
  14. Select Execute.
  15. Save the record.
    • The original IZ record will be left in the main pane of the MDE, but it no longer exists.
  16. Review the DVD classification spreadsheet to assign the accession call number
    • Record the new title and call number on the spreadsheet
  17. Back in the MDE, select View Related Data--View Inventory
  18. Edit the holding ensuring the 852 has a first indicator of 8 instead of 0
    • Since this is a local call number, it needs an 852 8_ (852 0_ is for LC call numbers)
  19. Add the accession number to a $h
  20. Add the copy number to $t only if copy 2 or higher.
  21. Save the record.
  22. Go to the item and edit item information (Item policy for DVDs is VIDEO 7 DAY LOCAL REQ)
    • Ensure Copy number is added to Copy ID field
    • Remove the Fulfillment note, if necessary.
  23. Save.
  24. 24. Select "Back" to go back to the MDE.
  25. Release (or Save and release) your bib and holdings records.

Updated 7/15/21.