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LIS Alma/PrimoVE Internal Guide: Receiving added volumes

Receiving added volumes

Use the following chart for added volume enumeration and chronology:

Enumeration Chronology
A = Level One (e.g.,: v. ) I = Level One (e.g., Year )
B = Level Two (e.g., no.) J = Level Two (e.g., Month or Season)
J = Level Two (e.g., Month or Season) K = Level Three (e.g., Day)
D = Fourth Level L = Level Four
E = Fifth Level M = Alternative chronology

G = Alternative enumeration –Level One

(e.g., Whole no.)

H = Alternative enumeration –Level Two

(e.g., Whole no.)
  • Go to Acquisitions > Receiving & Invoicing > Receive
  • Click on the Continuous tab and search for series title.
  • From the row action list, select Manage Items.

  • Click on Receive New Items.

  • Check box to Keep in Department and select Copy Cataloging.

  • Look at Receiving Notes (if any).
  • Fill in Enumeration/Chronology information and Generate (or select Duplicate and edit as necessary).

  • Click on Receive and Set Barcodes.
  • Scan barcode.

  • Open the bibliographic record for the volume in the MDE
    • Edit holding information
      • Add a new 863 field based upon the 853 field pattern
      • Save and release record
    • At the bibliographic level, select "Publish holdings only" under Tools--Set Management Tags--Export to WorldCat (Old MDE)
      • Save and release record
  • From the Task List, select Items in Department.
  • Locate the correct item and from the row action list, select Edit.

  • Set the In Process Status to Labeling and add any notes if necessary. Click Save.

  • Physically route item to Labeling Shelf.
  • After item is labeled and checked, find the item from the In Process list (in Task List, Items--in Department; Status--Labeling).

  • Check the box next to correct item and from the row actions list, select Done. This will change the status of the item to "In Transit."
  • Physically route item to Circulation to receive for re-shelving.
  • Circulation will scan in item by barcode to re-shelve.

NOTE: If necessary, retrospectively update older item records' enumeration and chronology based upon the chart above.